How do I know if I need replacement windows?
Stand or sit in front of your windows on a chilly day, or better still, hold a candle at the window. If you see the flame flicker and you feel a draft, that’s a sign that your windows are letting outside air come in, and the heated air inside your home is escaping. Replacing your old windows with better quality windows will be a smart decision. New replacement windows have improved thermal and insulating properties in the glass that eliminates drafts, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
What does it mean if windows are Green Seal Certified and/or Energy Star Rated?
Green Seal Certification is the national nonprofit environmental organization that awards a “Green Seal” to products that meet environmental standards for energy efficiency. Energy Star® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Energy Star® windows are rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council, an independent industry-wide standard for rating windows based on thermal insulating performance. Our windows are all Energy Star qualified for all climate zones.
Will new replacement windows really lower heating and cooling costs?
Yes they will. Our windows are proven and guaranteed to make your home 64% more energy efficient in winter and 48% more energy efficient in summer.
Will new replacement windows stop leaky drafts?
Yes. New replacement windows are being made with superior glass technology and construction materials that insulate and resist heat transfer up to four to five times better. This also eliminates problems with condensation on your windows.
How do I make the best choice about where to buy replacement windows?
Always look for a quality window brand name. Companies who have been manufacturing windows for decades have set the standard for developing the best window technology and that will give you peace of mind in knowing they’ll be here to stand behind their windows and their warranties. Buy your windows from a factory certified installer that also has years of experience in the home improvement industry. When it comes to making choices for your home, you are wise to work only with companies that have proven reputations.
How long will it take to get new replacement windows installed?
Most installations can be done in a day. Our window design consultant will meet with you to show you a style and color options in choosing new replacement windows for your home. After you’ve made your style and color choices, our head of installation will come do exact measurements and determine whether you need full frame replacement or only insert replacement. Then we’ll order you windows and schedule the installation day with you. It’s a very easy and hassle-free process.
My house is old. Will I be able to get replacement windows that match the style of my house?
My house is old. Will I be able to get replacement windows that match the style of my house?
Do my new replacement windows need to be the same size and shape as my current windows?
No. Our expert installers can replace existing windows with different styles and shapes. Our window design consultant will meet with you to show you all your options.
Can I change the look of my house with new replacement windows?
Yes you can. New replacement windows are a great way to update your home, bring more light into your home, and give it a face-lift that adds to your home’s value.
I have odd sized windows. Can I get new replacement windows to fit?
Yes. Odd sized windows are no problem. Your window design consultant will show you the many custom options you have.
Will I be able to get screens for my new windows?
Yes. We have screens available to custom fit the windows we sell and install. The screens are finished to match your windows and our new screen technology increases your visibility by 50% more than older style screens.
What are the best replacement windows?
All window styles have their pros and cons depending on what your needs are. For example, double hung windows are great for improving natural ventilation into your home. However, if you want ease of operation, casement or windows will make a better choice. The best replacement windows Harrisburg, PA for you are those that will address your needs exactly.
Should I replace all windows at once?
Professionals are in agreement that it’s best to replace all windows Harrisburg, PA at once for uniform curb appeal and home energy efficiency. However, when this is not feasible, it’s recommended that you prioritize replacement by assessing windows based on safety and security, level of damage, and aesthetics.
Which is better French door or sliding door?
This depends on several things, including how much space you have and the type of architectural style your home has. Hinged French doors Reading, PA traditionally swing to operate, making them great for homes with enough clearance around entryways. Sliding doors, on the other hand, are ideal for homes with limited space because they don’t require clearance. In terms of architectural styles, French doors match traditional home styles while sliding doors work well with more modern ones.
Should French doors swing in or out?
If you want to make the most of space inside your home, your French doors should swing out. If you want to maximize garden or patio space outside, your French patio doors State College, PA should swing in.
Are French doors more expensive than sliding doors?
French doors generally cost more than sliding contemporary doors Reading, PA because they are more intricate to manufacture, but the difference in price has a lot to do as well with the customization options you will be taking advantage of.
What Is a Double Hung Window?
A double hung window features two operable sashes that both move up and down, offering flexible ventilation and maintenance ease. They are also installed flush with walls, making them ideal for walkways or patios. With a timeless design, double hung windows Harrisburg, PA are great for a range of home styles.
Can I Install My Own Windows?
While the replacement process is straightforward, replacement windows York, PA are still best installed by professionals. This is because proper installation is crucial to ensuring your new windows perform as they should, and window contractors have what it takes to guarantee that. Without the necessary tools, skills and experience, you run the risk of making mistakes which might be costlier to fix in the end.
What Windows Last the Longest?
Not one window style is designed to last the longest, as there are several factors that affect how long windows York, PA will last exactly. These include whether or not a replacement window was installed right, the type of window framing material used and the level of upkeep provided, as well as how much wear and tear a unit is subjected to. For your windows to last, choose a window framing material designed to withstand the elements and ensure your replacement windows are installed by a professional.
Are Sliding Doors Cheaper Than French Doors?
Sliding doors are typically cheaper than French doors because the latter are more intricate in design, making them more complicated to produce. However, overall door replacement costs generally vary, with customization options playing a big role in just how much you have to pay in the end for patio doors State College, PA.
What time of year is best to replace windows?
While moderate temperatures make spring, summer and fall idea for getting new windows, the best time for replacement windows in Lancaster, PA is actually when you need them. Don’t wait for a new season just to replace your windows! Just make sure you’re working with a trusted window expert and you can replace your windows at any time of the year.
What are the advantages of casement windows?
Casement windows operate with a crank, allowing one-handed use which makes them great for areas in your home that are hard to reach like stairwells and over kitchen counters. They can also be angled to let breezes in, helping improve natural ventilation. Got an outdoor view? Casement windows in York, PA typically feature expansive glass areas, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor views with ease.
Are sliding windows good?
Sliding windows in Lancaster, PA are good for homes with modern architectural styles, working well with clean lines and minimalist design. They are also easy to use and clean, and don’t require clearance to operate, making them ideal where space might be an issue.
What is the standard size of a bathroom window?
Depending on your requirements, there are two standard sizes for bathroom windows in Lancaster, PA: 36 to 84 inches in width and 24 to 60 inches in height, if you are using sliding windows; and 24 to 96 inches in width and 12 to 96 inches in height, if you are using picture windows. To ensure you are getting the right window size for your bathroom, entrust the job of measuring for your new windows to the professionals.
Are patio doors standard sizes?
The standard patio door height is about 6 feet and 8 inches, while standard widths are roughly 5 feet and 8 inches. However, patio doors in State College, PA can be customized to your desired size, addressing your functional and aesthetic needs exactly.
When should you install a window?
While moderate weather conditions are ideal during window installation, you can have a window installed at any time. Don’t wait to have your broken windows replaced! As long as you are working with an experienced contractor, you should have no problems getting replacement windows in York, PA.
What do double hung windows look like?
Double hung windows in Harrisburg, PA feature two sashes. They look exactly like single hung windows except both sashes are operable, meaning you can move them up and down to open and close the window.
What type of window is best for home?
This will depend on your needs and preferences, as every window style has something to offer. For example, if you want great ventilation control, you should go for casement windows. If you are keen on maintaining a minimalist aesthetic, sliding windows in Lancaster, PA are for you. To find the best window for your home, take the time to get to know your options first.
Are Renewal by Andersen windows worth it?
Renewal by Andersen has a reputation for quality and it shows in the replacement windows in Harrisburg, PA they produce and the services they offer. They might cost more than other brands but satisfied customers will attest to making the most of their investment and enjoying incredible value for money.
What’s the difference between replacement windows and new windows?
Replacement windows are made to replace existing units while new windows are mainly designed for newly constructed homes or other newly built structures like home additions. New windows also come with nailing or attachment fins on their exterior side while replacement windows in York, PA do not.
Can you install new windows in the rain?
Yes, definitely. As long as you are working with an expert, they should be able to prepare ahead if the weather forecast for your installation day is less than ideal. Not to mention that they’ll be able to adapt to any sudden downpours that may occur. If you are dealing with a severe weather event, however, it’s best to reschedule getting new windows in Lancaster, PA for everyone’s safety.
Do both doors open on French doors?
Yes, both doors open on hinged French doors in Reading, PA. Typically, however, a “master” door is assigned, acting as the one mainly used for everyday functions. Lifting a latch or another locking mechanism allows the other door to be used as well.
How do I choose replacement windows for my house?
Take the time to fully understand what you want to get out of your replacement project. This will let you more easily gauge if a certain window style suits your requirements. A good place to start is looking for windows in Harrisburg, PA that will match your home’s architectural style.
Which type of window is best for home?
All window types have advantages so what’s best for your home will depend on what will address your needs and preferences the most. For example, casement windows in York, PA are great for improving natural ventilation but require space for clearance to operate. If you’re pressed for space, sliding windows will be the better choice for you.
Are energy efficient windows worth it?
Definitely! Energy-efficient windows in Lancaster, PA are designed to help you save on energy but how they are constructed to keep air leaks to a minimum also aids in improving indoor comfort, keeping you comfortable no matter the season as you enjoy energy savings.
Which direction should casement windows open?
Casement replacement windows in Harrisburg, PA can open either outward or inward. Which direction yours should open will depend on several factors, like the best angles for ventilation, operation ease, available space and noise control.