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Renewal by Andersen Replacement Window and Door Varieties

At Renewal by Andersen, we offer a host of replacement window options for every room in your home.


Our replacement windows vary by size, shape, type of opening, design and color. Different window designs work best in different areas of your home.


All of our windows are energy-efficient and eliminate the chilly breezes that plague any house with old windows. If you are looking for the best option for Harrisburg, PA replacement windows, Renewal by Andersen has an almost endless number of combinations that will bring your home to a new level of efficiency, not to mention enhancing its style. We even offer replacement doors, ranging from French to sliding, which can be installed virtually anywhere in your home. Our replacement doors offer the same security benefits and effective insulation as our replacement windows.


Visit the pages below to learn more about the types of replacement windows offered by Renewal by Andersen, which always has the very best in Harrisburg, PA replacement windows. Feel free to contact us to set up a free design consultation with one of our certified specialists to go over your individual needs.

Double Hung Windows
Double Hung Replacement Windows


Double hung replacement windows are a new take on the traditional window. Double hung windows feature two sealed panes of glass for improved insulation and energy efficiency. They tilt in for easy interior cleaning as well. These types of windows offer an extra layer of insulation between your home and the outside. They are ideal for almost any room of the house.

Casement Windows
Casement Replacement Windows


Casement replacement windows open "out" horizontally (like a door) with the turn of a handle. This functionality makes casement windows easy to open and close and great for hard-to-reach places. They are also one of the most efficient replacement windows offered by Renewal by Andersen.

Bay & Bow Windows
Bow and Bay Replacement Windows


A beautiful bow or bay window expands the area of your room. Bay windows are made up of three individual window panels that extend out past an exterior wall. Bow windows look similar but feature a sweeping arc of four to six panels.

Picture & Combination Windows
Picture Replacement Windows and Combination Windows


Frame your best views with picture replacement windows. Picture windows do not open so they score high for energy efficiency while creating unobstructed views from your home. Combine a picture window with combination windows for the perfect look with ventilation as well. For example, many customers looking for picture replacement windows go with one larger, unobstructed center pane, flanked by two smaller, openable windows on the side.

Gliding & Sliding Windows
Sliding Replacement Windows


Sliding replacement windows are our most energy-efficient "openable" windows. Sliding windows provide a great glass area size. Because sliding windows are on tracks and do not extend past the wall on the outside, they are perfect for large, horizontal spaces. One great advantage to this type of replacement window is it can be placed atop a deck or patio without protruding onto your outdoor living space when the windows are opened. Sometimes customers looking for a picture replacement window will end up with sliding replacement windows because they like the idea of actually opening the large window bank.

Custom Windows
Custom Replacement Windows


Take advantage of large, irregular window spaces in your home with custom replacement windows. A custom window will immediately differentiate your home. You can choose from many opening options and configurations to make your custom replacement windows truly unique. Options for these replacement windows come in almost any shape, size, design or color you can imagine. You and your Renewal by Andersen consultant can truly get creative in coming up with a plan that is customized to your living space.


These windows will also increase the light in your home, while giving it new and interesting features that add value. Homeowners get nearly 100 percent of their replacement windows investment back in added value to their houses. And a new custom replacement window can help differentiate your house in a neighborhood where many homes look the same, adding curb appeal for when you decide to sell your place.

Awning Windows
Awning Replacement Windows


Awning replacement windows are similar to casement windows in that they open "out" using a handle. Unlike casement windows, awning windows open horizontally, so that they resemble awnings while open. Their versatility is perfect for hard-to-reach spots like bathrooms and countertops and tall stairway landings. Small, odd-shaped areas are particularly ideal for these replacement windows, such as spaces in basements or small kitchens. They are not recommended for walls facing sidewalks or patios, however, because they open out and thus will take up outdoor space.

Patio Doors
Patio Doors


Patio doors from Renewal by Andersen create a wall of light that accentuates both the interior and exterior design of your home. You'll love the elegance of sliding contemporary doors and hinged or sliding French doors, which give an entirely new dimension to your home.


These doors can be customized for any room in your house. Just like the replacement windows that Renewal by Andersen specializes in, patio doors will increase the energy efficiency — and style — of your home. Offering security and efficient insulation, these patio doors are what you'd expect from Renewal by Andersen.


Call us at 1-800-594-8404 or contact us online today to learn how replacement windows and doors not only can enhance the look of your home, but also lower your energy bills. With a plethora of styles to choose from, you can get a customized look that fits your style and life.