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The Best Replacement Windows in Harrisburg

There are lots of places where you can buy replacement windows in Harrisburg, but none offer you the quality, energy savings and professional installation that you'll find with Renewal by Andersen. Discover for yourself what makes our windows the best replacement windows in Harrisburg and in all of Central PA.


Quality Replacement Windows in Harrisburg Mean Quality Materials


High Quality Replacement Windows in Harrisburg, PA

When you buy replacement windows in Harrisburg from Renewal by Andersen, you’re purchasing windows that are made with the highest-quality materials in the industry. Our windows are made of Fibrex, a vinyl-wood fiber composite, that’s not only durable but is better for the environment than other commonly-used materials. We also use High-Performance Low-E4 glass, which keeps the hot or cool air in your home to reduce your energy bills.


The Best Replacement Windows in Harrisburg Are Energy-Savers


Speaking of keeping your energy bills down, you’ll be amazed at how the best replacement windows in Harrisburg save you money over time. Windows from Renewal by Andersen can save you plenty on your energy bills in the winter as well as the summer. Consider how much money you’ll save by being able to keep the thermostat a few degrees lower during those frigid winter months, or a few degrees higher during the blistering heat of summer.


The Most Professional Installment Teams for Replacement Windows in Harrisburg


Of course, having the highest-quality, most energy-efficient replacement windows in Harrisburg doesn’t mean a thing if they're poorly installed. At Renewal by Andersen, we use only the best, certified installers who will make sure that each of your windows is a perfect fit. In fact, we’re so confident in our installation that we guarantee the quality of windows installed by Renewal by Andersen-authorized installers for 20 years from the date of installation.


So if you’re looking for the finest replacement windows in Harrisburg, look no further than Renewal by Anderson. There’s no reason to live with those old, drafty windows anymore.


We also offer replacement windows in Linglestown, PA, Hershey, PA, and Palmyra, PA as well as the following locations:


Eight Things to Look for When Buying Replacement Windows


Congratulations! If you're on our website, chances are you're ready to replace your home's aging windows. We know you're bombarded with choices when it comes to this home improvement, and we thank you for considering Renewal By Andersen.


Renewal By Andersen opened its first store nearly 20 years ago and has installed nearly two million windows in more than 300,000 homes across the nation. One of about 100 national markets, our south central Pennsylvania showroom first opened its doors in 2006 and has thousands of satisfied customers throughout Harrisburg, Lancaster and York.


Call us today to schedule a free in-home consultation to see what we can do for you- and your wallet. In the meantime, here are eight things you should be looking for when buying replacement windows for your home.


1. Variety of Window Types


Renewal By Andersen offers eight window types to choose from:


Double Hung Windows:

Our most popular replacement window, double hung windows feature two panes that operate on two separate sashes for optimal home ventilation. The sashes are joined by a high-quality lock. In addition, our double hung windows tilt in for easy cleaning from inside your home.


Casement Windows:

Casement windows are Renewal By Andersen's most energy-efficient windows that open. The windows use a hand crank to open out like a door. While casement windows are great to add needed ventilation to hard-to-reach areas, they work best next to areas without a lot of pedestrian traffic - so no one runs into the windows when you open them.


Bow/Bay Windows:
Beautiful Bay Windows in Harrisburg, PA

Add visual interest to the outside of your home and extra storage or seating inside your home with bay and bow windows. Bay windows are made up of one picture window flanked by two double hung windows or casement windows.


These side windows provide the ventilation. Bow windows are made up of four to six casement windows. Depending on the angles used in installation, the layout will make a large window seat inside your home - the perfect reading nook!



Picture Windows:

Showcase your view with a picture window from Renewal By Andersen. Our picture windows are our most energy-efficient stationary windows. They frame the outdoors and let in a lot of light because they cover such a large area. Picture windows can be paired with double hung windows, casement windows, sliding windows or awning windows if you want to combine style and function while adding ventilation to the space.


Sliding Windows in Harrisburg, PA
Sliding Windows:

Love the look of picture windows but want to be able to air out your space? Sliding windows work well in large, horizontal openings. Many customers choose to put sliding windows in "social spaces" such as living and dining rooms. In addition, sliding windows are great for homes with small children, as they open horizontally instead of vertically, eliminating the risk of slamming and pinching fingers.


Awning Windows:

The top of an awning window remains stationary while the window opens up, like an awning - jutting out from the side of your home. Awning windows are great for adding necessary ventilation to small or hard-to-reach areas of your home including over counters, in stairwells or in bathrooms. Make sure to install your awning windows in an area where they will not obstruct foot traffic, since they will not be flush with you home.


Custom Windows:

Combine Renewal By Andersen's 13 basic shapes to create the window of your dreams. Whether you're retrofitting an odd space or hoping to make a focal point in your home, you can work with one of our design experts to create a window that is unique to you and your home.


Patio Windows:

Patio windows combine the style of window walls with the function of a patio door. Choose from sliding or hinged options to provide access to your patio while keeping your home-heating and cooling costs in check.


Browse our photo gallery to get an idea of how you can use these window styles in your space. And schedule a free in-home consultation today to learn more about your options. We can help you decide which windows you should choose for your home.


2. Superior Performance


Renewal By Andersen's replacement windows are more than just a cosmetic upgrade. Each and every one of our replacement windows is engineered with a unique composite Fibrex® material. Fibrex® is twice as durable as traditional vinyl replacement windows and is virtually maintenance free.


Traditional vinyl windows often warp after extended exposure to the elements. After a few years, you'll notice gapping around the window frame, fog on your glass and high energy bills. With Fibrex® you can rest assured your windows will last. The frame and sash are guaranteed for ten years from the date of installation.


If you have wood windows now, you'll be thankful to say goodbye to sanding, scraping and painting your windows each year. Fibrex® windows can stand up to heat, wind, sun, rain, snow and cold without flaking, rusting, blistering, peeling, cracking, pitting, corroding and rotting.


3. Unrivaled Beauty


Hoping to make your house a home with custom remodeling projects and upgrades? Your replacement windows should also be customizable. Personalize your space with new replacement windows from Renewal By Andersen.


Each window comes with your choice of nearly 50 interior/exterior color combinations, almost a dozen hardware finishes, three grille patterns - including Colonial, Prairie and Farmhouse styles - and two screen options - including the nearly invisible TruScene® insect screens.


You can work with our experienced sales team to find the right windows for your home. Choose from double hung, casement, bow/bay, picture, sliding or awning windows. Or, you can create a custom window configuration based on our 13 basic styles, including our popular circle top showcase window, which is a perfect way to showcase a prominent area of your home.


4. Easy to Clean


Sliding Windows in Harrisburg, PA

Renewal By Andersen's windows are designed with the homeowner in mind. We know replacement windows are a big investment. And we know the average homeowner isn't going to plunk down a couple hundred dollars a few times a year to ensure their windows are sparkling clean.


We wanted to make it easy for homeowners to protect their investment and clean their replacement windows. We offer several how-to videos that provide the tricks and insider tips you need to make window cleaning a breeze.


Our screens are held in place with two metal tabs. These allow you to easily pop them out and hose them off in the bathtub.


Double Hung Windows:
You can clean both the inside and outside of your double hung windows from inside your home - no ladder required. Just tilt the sashes in and clean with newspaper for a streak-free shine.


Gliding Windows:
You can move your gliding window panel to the middle of the sash and lift up to pop it out and bring it inside, where you can easily clean both sides of the window.


Windows sticking? Use a silicone-based lubricant on the inside and outside tracks of your window - as well as any locking or cranking mechanism - to loosen up any dust and grime.


5. Professional Installation


Replacement windows are one home project that you should never DIY. Improperly installed replacement windows can create cracks in your joints, exposing your home to the elements and pests. In addition, windows that are installed incorrectly can damage both the window and the structure of your home.


Renewal By Andersen's window installers are some of the most respected professionals in their field. With decades of experience, our team is able to install your windows correctly the first time to make sure they are operating at optimum performance.


Renewal By Andersen also offers a two-year limited warranty on all of our installations. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation and learn more about what to expect from our experienced installation team.


6. Hassle-Free Process


At Renewal By Andersen, we're an open book - we will let you know what to expect at every step of the process.


Free In-Home Consultation: After you fill out our no-hassle free in-home consultation request form or give us a call at 1-800-594-8404, we'll schedule a convenient time for an experienced member of our sales staff to come to your home. Our sales representative will inspect your existing windows, taking note of any unique design challenges. Renewal By Andersen will give you several options to make the most of your budget.


Custom Windows in Harrisburg, PA

Custom Windows: Every Renewal By Andersen window is custom-made for each job. We'll manufacture your windows based on your order's unique specifications. We'll make special note of your interior/exterior color choices, hardware finishes, grille options and screen choice to get your order right the first time.


Installation: Our experienced window installers promise to arrive on time, answer your questions, prepare the area for installation, properly install your windows, dispose of your old windows, clean up the installation area and show you how to operate your new windows before leaving.


Service: We're confident in our products and stand behind them. Renewal By Andersen offers a 20-year limited warranty for glass, a two-year limited warranty on installation and a ten-year limited warranty for all window components other than the glass. Should you ever have an issue with your windows while under warranty, contact us at 1-800-594-8404 to schedule a repair.


7. Energy Efficient


Everyone knows replacement windows will improve your curb appeal and increase your home's value, but with Renewal By Andersen's replacement windows, you'll also keep the elements at bay. Our windows and patio doors meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® energy-efficiency performance criteria, which is great for both the environment and your home's heating and cooling costs.


Made with High-Performance™ Low-E4® Glass, Renewal By Andersen's windows are 56 percent more energy efficient than traditional double-pane glass in the summer and 45 percent more energy efficient in the winter. Our customers save an average of 25 percent on their utility bills.


In addition, the High-Performance™ Low-E4® Glass will help cut down on the amount of harmful UV light entering your home. This will help keep your fabrics and furniture bright, even if they're in direct sunlight. The glass also has a special coating that will help cut down on water spots, which means you'll spend more time enjoying your energy-efficient windows and less time cleaning them.


8. Ultimate Value


We know you have a lot of options when it comes to purchasing replacement windows for your home. When it comes to replacement windows, it's best to shop for best quality - not for the lowest price.


By choosing Renewal By Andersen's windows, you'll recoup your initial investment in the form of lower energy bills, less wasted time cleaning and peace of mind knowing your new windows will stand the test of time. With our advanced technology, unique design options and expert service, Renewal By Anderson's replacement windows feature the best long-term value and strongest limited warranty.


On average, our customers are recouping more than 70 percent of their replacement window investment in added resale value. Schedule a free in-home consultation to see how much equity we can add to your home.


If your budget is a hurdle, we offer many financing options and specials.


Call 1-800-594-8404 to speak with someone from the Renewal By Andersen family today!


Contact Us for a Free In-home Estimate


Thanks again for considering Renewal By Andersen for your home's replacement window needs. We know any home improvement project is a big undertaking, and you want to make sure you're getting a good return on the investment of your time and money. That's where we come in.


Want more information? You can request a brochure that should answer all of your questions. And, if you like what you see, you can schedule a free in-home consultation during which one of our replacement window experts can walk you through the process and explain why you should choose us.